How it was born - to Give Voice to what is Human on Earth
From the beauty and the wonder which disclose new perspectives, new connection, and an imagining in continuous expansion, was born the cognitive research ÌNIN by Anna Bacchia: ‘between Science, Art and daily Dialogue’. From such research - defined by the scientist Fritjof Capra ‘a new access to Cognitive Processes’ - was born the Project ÌNIN One Earth Choir.
One Earth Choir tells about ‘interconnection’, a value as ancient as humanity, always perceived by people of all cultures as the texture of life, of any dialogue and vital relationship. Today modern physics recognizes interconnection as the essential nature of all what exists. One Earth Choir is born as interconnection, and affirms it among the values of a culture which, before being defined as ‘global’, can be recognized as ‘human’ culture, with memories, archetypes, essential qualities and a common imaginary.
From this point of view, One Earth Choir is a vision of ours towards a sustainable development, as it promotes integration, offers creative and cultural contents, opens towards a new listening and towards rediscovering the meaning of civilization and human quality as creative connection and sharing. The concept of globality can be acquired and accepted, but the human quality is innate, is essential, and a ‘human’ answer in itself is expansion and peace.

What is the Project
The ÌNIN One Earth Choir Project took off from Lugano, Switzerland, and has started with an Event, a Global Vocal Concert, ONE EARTH CHOIR, that was held for the first time on 21st February 2012 at 11am Greenwich mean time: a concert in which people in cities all over the world can sing - play - listen to the same music simultaneously, conducted in video by the same Conductor -
The ÌNIN One Earth Choir Events are held on 21st February every year -
Among the members of our Scientific-Artistic Committee: Franco Ambrosetti, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Marco Bersanelli, Mario Brunello, Fritjof Capra, , Rachelle Ferrell, Daniele Finzi Pasca, Ervin Laszlo -

Vision and Design - ÌNIN One Earth Choir cultural projects, towards a New Language
One Earth Choir finds its expression in the cultural values affirmed by voices in all continents, connected by one unique creative act in form of music. The sensibility towards a humanistic evolution of culture can take voice today, becoming a symphony, thus expressing the common substratum of humanity, of creativity, of collective memories and of resonances with Earth’s vital eloquence and with the evolution of knowledge.
The ÌNIN Research and its cognitive lab which have given name to the event and to its music, are aimed towards that common language - represented here by Music - which goes beyond diversities of languages and which opens the symphony of a new listening.
In the ÌNIN One Earth Choir Events, the common imaginary of being connected and part of one single gens, of one single human culture, can take shape in One Earth Choir, ‘One Symphony’, on the Path of the Peoples from the graffiti to the web
Bridges of Music between the cities in the world –

a Research
between Science Art and Dialogue: where Wonder is discovery, creation, knowledge
-> an Event
on the Path of the Peoples - from the graffiti to the web -
dedicated in particular to the young in the world
->  Symphony
towards a new imagining,
a new comprehending,
a new language,
a research we will be able to continue together

2012, Anna Bacchia, Author of the Project

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