many native languages
one only human language, one only humanity

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21. February 2023 - 11:00am UTC - 12th EDITION          

⬤ what is One Earth Choir
- seven continents, people in cities and regions wherever
- on the same day, 21. February every year
- at the same hour on Earth, at 11:00 am GMT / UTC
share the theme:
we have many native languages, but one only Human language,
we are one only humanity

In this Project, the Symbol of our Human language,
of our deep interconnection,
is a music
that we are invited to listen online (or to sing or to perform),
to co-create a moment together on Earth,
a grand collective creative Gesture:
empathy, coherence, trust, as pillars of a new culture
For a Civilization of Syntony, of Symphony,
dedicated to a new co-habiting the Earth

⬤ Let us meet again together on Earth, on February 21st

⬤ Let us create every year a larger Choir

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On February 21st a music becomes the symbol of our Syntony,
of our common human language,
which can embrace and understand all the various native languages

To subscribe means to communicate 'I am IN', 'WE are in'!

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Let's meet soon, in Syntony on Earth

Thank you

Anna Bacchia
Initiator of One Earth Choir
21.02.2022     ONE EARTH CHOIR DAY

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Prof. Ervin Laszlo's Invitation to join One Earth Choir

‘One Earth Choir, narrated by its initiator’
‘Cos'è il Coro della Terra?’

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