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ÌNIN One Earth Choir : Oneness

a Project by Anna Bacchia & Consciousness Institute

One Earth Choir will be launched into space
riding on a beam of light

2025. 02. 21

many native languages, one only humanity

up today more than  3’700’000 people

Earth seen from space, in  front of a Sea of Stars

21. February 2025 – 10:30 am UTC

14th EDITION  

Video: What is One Earth Choir

the One Earth Choir is made by persons
who recognize and share that
we have many native languages
but one only human language, we are one only humanity

In this project, the Symbol of our Human language, of our Humanity,
of our deep interconnection,
is a music
that people in cities and regions wherever
listen & share online
on the same day, 21st February every year,
at the same time,
to recognize our unique Humanity on Earth

– the surprise –

We One Earth Choir,
with our Music ÌNIN which represents our Oneness,
will be launched into space
riding on a beam of light

– on the same day, 21. February every year
– at the same hour on Earth, at 11:00 am GMT / UTC
& every year on a Saturday in February
connected online on 

Time Zones Map - Your local time in order to meet together

by joining One Earth Choir we create a grand collective Gesture
which affirms unity in diversity,
with empathy coherence awareness as pillars of a new culture

for a Civilization of Syntony, of Symphony
where we find new answers & solutions coherent with the Life we are
where global wellbeing is individual wellbeing
for a vital co-habiting the Earth

A green field with a tree under a blue sky

‘I am IN’, ‘WE are in’!

invite your friends

Let us meet again together on Earth, on February 21st 2025
Let us create every year a larger Choir
Let us co-create a fertile vital and human co-evolving

Thank You

Anna Bacchia

Anna Bacchia, Initiator of ÌNIN One Earth Choir

& Team ÌNIN One Earth Choir
Consciousness Institute, Lugano Switzerland
Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio Cultural Association

The One Earth Choir Project has been initiated in 2012 by Anna Bacchia
and is created, offered and organized by the ‘Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute’ in Lugano Switzerland,
with the support of the Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio Cultural Association.

Time Zones Map - Your local time in order to meet together

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