Scientific Artistic Committee of the ÌNIN Projects

Along the ÌNIN Holographic Evolving Research pathway, I have been exploring the common field where science, art and daily life meet, and the relationship between wonder, discovery and creation -
Along the way I met people who dedicated their whole life to Art or Science -
Crossroads of thoughts, of intuitions, of dreams, of magic, of movements emerged in our dialogues and wondering -
Resonances -
In different ways they contributed to my research or embraced my explorations and Poetics -
Sometimes a video-interview was born immediately, sometimes common projects emerged, sometimes we shared some steps of our pathway and some future common dreams - 
These extraordinary persons became the members of the Scientific Artistic Committee -

Anna Bacchia

Dominicus Rohde   Dominicus Rohde
President of the World Peace Forum
President of the Schengen Peace Foundation

Gerald Pollack   Prof. Dr. Gerald Pollack
Prof. of Bioengineering at the University of Washington
Discoverer of the 4th phase of Water

Hiroo Saionji   Hiroo Saionji
President of the Goi Peace Foundation
Chairperson of 'May Peace Prevail on Earth'

Masami Saionji   Masami Saionji
President of 'May Peace Prevail on Earth'
Chairperson of the Goi Peace Foundation

Franco Ambrosetti Franco Ambrosetti
Musician, Composer
President of SMuM Jazz School, Lugano

Vladimir Davicovich Ashkenazy   Vladimir Davidovich Ashkenazy
Conductor, Pianist
Currently Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Enrica Bacchia   Enrica Bacchia
Singer, Teacher, Writer
One of the most interesting contemporary Jazz Voices

Marco Bersanelli   Marco Bersanelli
Professor of Astrophysics
Co-responsible of the 'Planck' Space Mission

Mario Brunello   Mario Brunello
Cellist, Musician, Conductor
Winner of the Cechov Prize 1986
Internationally renowned Artist
Fritjof Capra Fritjof Capra
Physicist, System Theorist and Writer
Author of The Tao of Pyhsics, The Web of Life,The Science of Leonardo and several other books


Pianist, Musician
The most renowned contemporary Pianist in China
Rachelle Ferrell  
Rachelle Ferrell
Composer, musician, singer, vocalist
One of the greatest voices of the contemporary music scene

Daniele Finzi Pasca   Daniele Finzi Pasca
Director, Author, Coreographer, Clown
A World-renowned Reference in Theatre

Davide Fiscaletti Davide Fiscaletti
Physicist - a leading exponent in contemporary physics' frontiers
Author of I Gatti di Schrödinger

Stephen Kovacevich   Stephen Kovacevich
Pianist - One of the most searching interpreters, and
one of the most revered musicians of his generation

Ervin Laszlo   Ervin Laszlo
Systems Philosopher, Integral Theorist
Founder of The Club of Budapest

Leon Lederman   Leon Lederman
Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, world reference in the field of didactics

Alberto Longhi   Alberto Longhi
Clarinettist, Musician, Teacher
Member of The Anderson Quintet
Slava's Snow Show   The Yellow Character of Slava's Snow Show

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