Thank you all !

Let us invite our communities to join and share
a larger and larger Choir on Earth, growing every year, which recognizes:
we have many native languages, but one single human language, one only humanity

Together in Syntony, we are creating Empathy, Peace, the grandest Symphony on Earth
See you all again on 21.02.2019

to date 3'611'395 People from 62 Countries
listen sing play the same MUSIC: the symbol of our human language
in Cities all over the Earth - on the same day, 21. February - at the same hour, 11am UTC


How to participate together                The Music ÌNIN                  join One Earth Choir - iscriviti qui

on the Path of the Peoples
Your Voice for One Earth Choir
                                            a Project by Anna Bacchia 
One day – 21. 02. every year
One hour – 11.00 Greenwich mean time
Seven continents, people in cities wherever
sing - listen - play  the same music,
conducted in video by the same conductor -
the grandest collective creative Gesture, a symbol which narrates
many native languages - one only Human language, one only humanity -
Empathy coherence and trust, as pillars of culture -
The largest Dialogue among Citizens of the Earth: a Symphony

The One Earth Choir Day is the 21. February -
How to participate - click here