‘The path of the Peoples’
  in Europe is historically the San Gottardo Pass, up on the alps
  the way between the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea -
In the ÌNIN One Earth Choir Project, 'on the Path of the Peoples' is a symbol: - of a Passage and of a Dialogue between the North and the South of Europe, and between any Pole in the World - of a Path, of an Opening, of Human Steps  
San Carlo Chapel, Hospental
Entrance facade of the church in Hospental
Image credit: San Gottardo Foundation
‘Here the way divides. Friend, whither goest thou? South to eternal Rome, or North to holy Cologne and the silver Rhine? Or yet to France in the west?’

The inscription on the facade of the San Carlo chapel in Hospental (1719) is a reference to the significant position of the St. Gotthard area -
The St. Gotthard road is still called ‘Via delle Genti’, the ‘Path of the Peoples’ –
The first documents about the Saint Gotthard road date back to around 1200 A.C. with the opening of the Schollenen gorges –
 With the increasing colonization of the Alpine valleys and in order to allow the transit of goods, the traffic through the Schoellenen gorges needed to become possible - Thus a first wooden footbridge was constructed, supported on rocks, jutting buttresses and wedged timbers, suspended over the river Reuss.  
(adapted from: National Museum of the St. Gotthard, along a high way of History, Pro San Gottardo Foundation, Airolo, 1989) 

It was a rough walk, bristling with difficulties, but it opened a way, new and direct, an adventurous way for wayfarers and pilgrims, silent monks and artists, coming from the North on foot or on a mule, which were searching for the way climbing down to the Mediterranean - or the way from the sea up to North across the Alps.

In the ÌNIN Event the St. Gotthard Pass is a Symbol:
human steps, discovery, dialogue
on the path of the Peoples

In winter, up in the Pass, the snow reaches the height of 4m - the Pass is closed to the traffic -
Can you imagine how the Pass looks like in winter?
Will the winter snow allow a great Choir to sing even up there, in the heart of the Alps on February 21st ? 

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