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-Voices singing from all over the Earth: professional and non-professional voices, many voices of children, also voices who have never seen written music - So the music for the One Earth Choir was suggesting it belongs to every culture, it is as new as unexpected - and simple -
- it should emerge out not from a precise place of the Earth, nor from one country nor one musical culture, but from anywhere, from any corner of the Earth, from any forest, river, desert, mountain on the Earth -

THE BEGINNING [bars 1 - 2]
Let us imagine the last minute before the beginning of the singing, let's imagine all the eyes looking at the hand of the clock marking the last seconds, the last 10 seconds before the attack -
Then the beginning, two bars of Silence: the deepest sense to be all together will take Voice -
In that Silent Breath of Music the inner human sense of connection will be perceivable - the Earth Choir will breathe finally as One -The Earth Choir is here -

ONE NOTE - [bars 3 - 10]
Then a Note emerges - one only, on the Earth, from the Earth - one, wide, spread - That sound becomes singing voices - Then a first sketch of harmony appears -

A MELODY- [bars 14 - 18]
From little towns, and from mountains, from green farmlands, from houses up on hills, from cities, from rivers and little valleys, voices searching for each other, imagining each other, deeply knowing each other as human voices from ever - an empty melody starts to sound - the melody wrote itself by itself -
As it appears, some female sounds emerge full of wonder, and some peaceful male sounds respond -

The WONDERING - THE ANSWER - [bars 19 - 27]
And from here 'the asking', 'the questoin' is born: the calling - the wonder, the unexpected, the auspice, the wondering: will someone respond? does something exist beyond? - the deep knowing that something does exist, but I do not see it yet, - a sound emerges, a voice sounds, a phenomenon appears, a wave rolls, will something respond? I here call, is something beyond ? is there someone beyond the dunes?

Here is a sound, an answer, from the other side of the sea, of the moon -
Now the rhythm of waves going and returning, calling and answering becomes closer -
And a simple shy harmony emerges -
And a first draft of dialoguing sounds starts - the meeting, the telling of stories, the mirroring each other, the belonging to a same human feeling, take colors and dance the voices -

Then, here is a wondering, a proposal: we all can speak together, the same human language - As imagined, it happens - the same language, together - new orders of ideas and of spaces, wider eyes, wider angles, wider lightness -
A new awareness on the Earth - With it, now the first melody can come back, but emerging under a new light -
And what before was horizontal, linear, now becomes vertical, harmonic -

A ONE - [bars 60 - 66]
Now the main melodies can sound all together - the note of one melody lights up the note of the other melody -
And all the notes of the pentatonic scale [common to many musical cultures] can sound all together -
Now a scale is no longer the sum of many parts, it is a ONE -

The new awareness is such that all that exists, all the sounds, do not have to be heard to exist and to be present - Even if we do not perceive the sounds, they are all now within our memory, in our awareness, they are present in the wherever, in all space -
the more the awareness has expanded, the more the sounds are everywhere, perceivable and not -We do not hear them, and they are wherever, in all space -
Only one note remains, on the ground, from the ground: a conscious sound, pure, which does not need to affirm anything, any longer -
A sound which can dissolve itself in the silent-sound which has been singing from always within wondering cells in front of the starry vault

Anna Bacchia

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