Singing and Listening
Imagine people living in the savannah, imagine people living along a river, imagine people living in the icy lands up to North, people living up in the mountains, living in a little town, or in a city between the skyscrapers, people living on the ocean's shore -
People all over the world joining together to give voice to a global symphony, people of any age, families, experienced singers and novices -

Even if you are not already part of a choir, you can join a choir, or create a new one -
If you are not used to sing a 4 voice score, you will be able to sing one only melodic line, and there could be another group singing another line on the other side of the world -

You can join the Choir even only listening at the Music, and sharing with People from all over the world the Beauty and the awareness to be always part of the ONE UNIQUE EARTH CHOIR

Anna Bacchia

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