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Terms and Conditions Agreement

ÌNIN One Earth Choir
Terms of the Project and of the Event
Terms for use of this website

By visiting this website, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions Agreement, as well as to the Privacy Policy.


The Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio Cultural Association (“We” or “Us”) trust in the good will and intent of every visitor to our websites, and of all the Participants in the One Earth Choir Project (hereinafter, the “Project”) .
At the same time, we are very much aware of the value, of the most specific content and of the uniqueness of the work and projects of Anna Bacchia and of the Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio Association, and of the copyrights and rights of authorship connected with this work.
It is part of our mission to preserve all such work and all developments connected with our projects in their wholeness and specific value.
The following Terms and Conditions protect such unique work and projects from any non-intentional or intentional use in contexts which would not take into account the specific rights, the specific contents and the wholeness of the projects and the work presented on these websites, and would like to make you aware of the Projects Uniqueness.

Copyright and Creative Commons

In principle, the copyright of the ÌNIN One Earth Choir Project remains with its Author Anna Bacchia, and wth the Vocal Sound – Bacchia Studio Association, and as such it has been legally deposited.
At the same time, the material published on this website is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Acceptance of the Project’s intent

The Projcet is exclusively humanistic and cultural in character. By visiting this website or by subscribing to the Project, you agree to such character and you agree to not use the Project in full or in part for any other scope.

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