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One Earth Choir seen by the Children

We invite Children from all over the World to express their Vision of One Earth Choir as One Humanity on Earth through their drawings.

We are very grateful to them.
Their Visions are seeds: touching and inspiring symbols of spontaneity, of creativity and of the innate essentiality and ‘richness of vision’ which naturally breathes within each human being.
Seeds able to naturally inspire empathy, Peace, and ‘unity in diversity’, where “what you deeply feel and need is not ‘other’ than what I deeply feel and need. What you naturally search for as living being, is not ‘other’ than what I naturally search.”      

‘One Earth Choir – as I imagine it

Invitation for you to participate with your drawings

We invite teachers, parents, group leaders to share One Earth Choir as Oneness with the children.

ENGInvitation for you: Download
ITAInvito per te: Scaricalo
PRTO Convite para si: Descarrega-o
PRTInvitación para usted: Descárguela
FRAVôtre Invitation: Télechargez-la

We will present their drawings to all the participants during the One Earth Choir Day Streaming Transmission on February 21st, and publish them on this page.

You can send us the drawings by using the following form:

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